Wayne State University project complete!

Thanks to all who made this monumental project possible - students, alumnu, donors, friends, and Midtown Inc. for their matching grant.  

In brief...

Total Project Costs exceeded $115,000 -  (not including the unplanned/unbudgeted boiler replacement in November 2016 - thanks to Beecher again for getting heat into the house!)

Fundraising netted $48,409.61 from individual donors ($40,485 to the Educational Foundation and an earlier $7,924.61 in donations from the GoFundMe effort) 

Midtown Inc. matched/donated $50,000

OB House Corporation donated $1,000

EB Alumni Association donated $7,000

All invoices were paid promptly (same or next day), Midtown Matching grants were very timely, and a balance of over $6,000 remains in the segregated EB bank account.  The chapter/house corporation has begun the ~$800/month loan payments.  So that there is an accessible record of project, we have posted a number of items just below verifying the summaries above.  There are also several emails dating from February 2016 through July 2016 posted for reference though these are a small fraction of project-related communications detailing its handling.  

In H and T,
Michael Abraham, EB #320
Executive Director

Click links below for more detail

Ally Construction Payments
EB Account Register 
EB Account Statements Feb 2016 -  Feb 2017
Various Communications Feb 2016 - July 2016 relating to loan

Boiler Replacement handled by the Fraternity
The Boiler replacement was unexpected and not directly related to exterior project.  T
he National Fraternity paid the HVAC contactor's invoice and was eventually repaid by the insurance company.  The replacement was an insured loss under Equipment/Mechanical policy excepting for the policy's $3500 deductible. This $3500 deductible was added to the EB loan balance.  

Check out the fine exterior renovation of 478 West Alexandrine!


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