Work is nearly complete at 478 West Alexandrine! 



View image of some of the work underway here:

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In refursbishing our home at 478 W. Alexandrine Street toward Midtown, Detroit, we plan to have work done on the house that is necessary to bring it up to historical standards. This includes, but is not limited to, woodwork, painting, and even some masonry.

Above, you can see a rendered version of what the house could look like given the attention and care that it so desperately needs. The vast number and sheer extent of improvements in the neighborhood and on our very block, and the growth and expansion from the core of campus toward midtown (Fox Theater, Tiger Stadium, and new Red Wing Arena),  and further even to a revitalized downtown demonstrates that our location will remain desirable, convenient, and stable for decades to come.  

It is simply long past time for Theta Tau to invest in this asset and in the fine and growing group of WSU engineering students who belong our chapter. Your tax deductible gift today before 2016 ends is greatly appreciated.

More information on the chapter's GoFundMe site.
Also check out Chad Harnish's site about the effort here:

Shown above is the paint scheme created by the Midtown Detroit Inc. to be most in keeping with the historical character of the neighborhood.  Naturally, painting is merely the final step of a project that likely includes repair/replacement of soffits, gables, window frames, eaves, and tuckpointing as needed, etc. Further, we expect that some interior work will also take place to provide a better internal environment conducive to learning and teaching today's students. 

The Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization with Federal Tax ID # 43-1774314. Gifts to the Theta Tau Educational Foundation are tax  deductible  to the extent allowed by law. There is an option below to make a recurring gift as well.  Gifts submitted through this site are immediately acknowledged via email receipt. 

Gifts may also be mailed to the Theta Tau Central Office in Austin, Texas, made  payable to the  "Theta Tau Educational Foundation", and are acknowledged via US Mail within 2 weeks of their receipt.  If mailing gift, please include "Epsilon Beta Campaign" in memo line or on post-it note with the contribution. 

Shown below is an image of the house as it sits today.

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