Membership Status Change Report

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  2. Grads
  3. Withdrawal from School w/o Degree
  4. Transferring to another school
  5. Premature Alum Options
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Scribe to complete after each semester/term ends. Form is due not later than 9/15, 1/15, and 6/15, but can be submitted right after semester ends. Only list members whose status is CHANGING to become Alumni via graduation from school, withdrawal from school, or transfer to another school. Those wishing to Request Premature Alum Status must complete proper request form that is linked at end of this form.
Complete for all Members whose status has changed
For each student members whose status is changing, beging by indicate ChapRoll abbreviation [e.g. Erich Schrader is: A1]. Consult chapter dues list if you are unsure.
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Indicate best personal email address you know for the member

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